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Play games and get Bitcoin
Have fun playing your favorite games and exchange your coins for crypto or gift cards. You’ve earned it fair and square! Go deep into the dungeon and dig yourself some exciting missions.
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In detail
Cryptocurrency and entertainment
If you love playing games as much as we are, you would probably want to make this time much more fun and meaningful. Being gamers ourselves, we challenged ourselves with the task to combine things, that don’t seem to mix at first glance: entertaining app and cryptocurrency. So we’ve decided to focus on strong visual gaming app and to give users one more reason to play this app daily.
What we did
Join the competition and make bitcoins
In Play4Bitloin you can get and complete daily tasks, participate in competitions and tournaments, track your own progress, and much more. Your progress can be exchanged for gift cards or bitcoins.
How we did it
Everything is funnier with friends... and Bitcoin
To keep users play the app on daily basis we’ve thought through Play4Bitcoin UX and app architecture. We achieve our client’s goal by adding functionality, such as new daily tasks, personal profile level growth and social component, like inviting and competing with friends.
Working progress
UX and user flow

If you want to make a perfect app for gamers, you have to know what they do, how they think and what they need while playing. So with all our empathy and our love for games, we’ve elaborated user flow and user scenarios in order to concider all user’s actual and potential needs while playing.

In Play4Bitcoin you can challenge yourself with new daily tasks, compete with your friends, earn gems, exchange them for crypto, try your luck with Flip Flop cards, compete with your friends and much more. Upgrade your own account and get some additional gems for inviting your friends. You can team up with other players or compete with them in the leaderboard.

Your crypto reward is waiting for you
At the final stage of the app design, we worked hard on the visual component and UI. The app is nice to look at, user-friendly and simple to use and enjoy. We always keep in mind all stages of a new app creation, so we’ve provided the development team with all the materials in a structured and convenient way to facilitate the development process.
Turn gems to crypto with Play4Bitcoin
Play4Bitcoin can keep user’s attention not only with its main purpose of earning crypto while playing, but also with the bright colors and engaging interface where everything is thought out. So, play your favs, challenge your friends and watch your progress turn to Bitcoin.
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