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Get real profit from playing your favorite games
Earn coins by playing and streaming games. A new, joyful and user-friendly way to play, stream, complete daily missions and exchange your reward for awesome gifts.
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In detail
When you play games a lot, you increase your creative output, improve social skills and logic, learn to make decisions and enhance your multitasking ability. If you achieve a certain level, you cannot help but wonder: How to profit by playing phone games? How can I stream without being distracted from the game and losing points? Gamerz has got you covered.
What we did
Daily missions, competitions and streaming
We turned our client’s idea into a clear and simple interface, yet visually engaging to make the user play on a regular basis. Gamerz attracts not only with games and the playing process, but with the app itself. Everything is well structured, appealing, but not overwhelming.
How we did it
Competitors study
To design a compelling game streamer app we started with the research of existing apps. The apps with the similar functions are mostly unappealing and overloaded with unnecessary information and misleading interactions. To avoid this result while creating a new app it’s important to know how to play and stream by yourself, so our empathy comes first.
Working progress
Wireframes and functionality

The wireframing and design process required an agile approach. We presented various solutions and came up with new functionality to make the project stand out.

We worked with our client simultaneously. This allowed the client to make sure that all his requirements were met. The app architecture was created in a convenient format, focusing on the simplicity and navigation usability.

The app generates various missions and challenges based on chosen game categories. One of the most important goals was to make a connection between playing and streaming in order to create the most relevant user scenarios.

Functional balance and UI
The logo and visually appealing UI design were made from scratch. We have managed to create a connection between daily missions, challenges and the streaming process in order to facilitate the playing and streaming process without being distracted.
Gamerz is just what you need to play and earn real cash
Gamerz is the app where you can create your own profile, take one time missions or big challenges, record your games and stream them online, get your reward and bonuses. The cherry on top is that you can exchange your points into real gift cards on Amazon etc. Play, stream, enjoy and earn with Gamerz.
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