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Why select us?
See how to reach your business goals by creating an intuitive interface, catchy design and memorable brand
Elaborate structure
We study user behavior and client’s goals in order to create a logical and yet not boring app structure
Analytical approach
We collect all information about your niche, competitors, identify common patterns of user behavior for the best user experience
System thinking
All decisions are made in favor of the project's success. We think about the 1/3/5 years future of the product we’re creating
Project responsibility
What, why, who, when, were, and how? Your business idea will be thoroughly analyzed as if it was our own
We use long-term planning and project update strategies for MVP / MLP and the first versions. We form the UX of future stages even before we undertake their implementation.
  • MLP vs MVP
  • Business analysis emphasis
  • Future functions long term planning
  • Update strategy
Web apps, SaaS
We find a custom solution optimized for your business. We study the complex idea and structure, put the information, behavior scenarios and various results of actions together.
  • Global purpose
  • Adequate project resources assessment
  • Anticipating and managing any complication
  • Business specifics based optimisation
Mobile apps
With your product, people will solve their daily life problems. In order to find the right solution, we use our empathy to deal with these issues, as if they were our own.
  • Empathy
  • Cultural impact
  • Socio-economic conditions
  • Non-linear navigation
eCommerce, Marketplaces
We learn each participant's needs and goals inside out, so you will get optimal solutions aimed at obtaining a win-win result for everyone.
  • Business requirements / client needs balance
  • Business cooperation process improvement
  • Consumer interests recognition
  • Highly profitable strategy pursuit
The best practices in designing E-learning apps are applied to your project. Your marketing resource and the convenient user account will be consistent and visually balanced by us.
  • Wheel reinvention exclusion
  • Best learning practices implementation
  • Consistency
  • Monetization features
What you get
Compelling interface with care for usability
From your craziest ideas and business plans to interactive interfaces and versatile solutions, there's our Cre8 Team for your needs. See the full range of things you achieve with us below.
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What our partners says?
Luke Strauer CEO LSMF Tech Ventures Ltd.
We are very happy to work together with Cre8 Team for more than 1.5 years. They belong for sure to the best parts we've worked with. If you need a creative mind for various kinds of design projects I can highly recommend working with Cre8 Team.
John Bromley CEO, Eewoo Ltd.
I have tried and tested my fair share of individuals and team but I can confidently say that the Cre8 Team deliver a service unlike any I have worked with. I am aware that this might sound a little exaggerated but it is the truth !
Muhammad Mohsin Ajmal CEO, Digital Nomad Agency
Their designs were awesome no doubt but what really impressed me was their dedication. Even in the hardships of Ukraine the team never lost their spirit and continued to deliver. It spoke highly of their work ethic.
Our process
Every project is moving through eight verified phases
Discovery & research
We research trends and competitors, analyze your target audience and prepare UX based on user expectations and general behavior patterns.
Layouts design
Your project becomes more real, 
as this phase is all about structure. We prepare every screen necessary 
for the implementation.
You get a complete set of documentation necessary for the further development of the project. Our comprehensive support achieves the release of the product ASAP.
Want to explore our work process in more detail?
About Us
Meet your design wizards

The trick is to get you the most relevant and experienced designer in your field. We do it by working with diverse designers with different interests, passion, age, sex, life style, as all these factors matter when it comes to empathy.

All projects are supervised by the art director, as we always need fresh eyes and another opinion while designing.