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Want to enjoy flying a drone, but don’t want to buy one? Rent!

QuadRent is an app that provides a flexible system for finding the right quadcopter. Set up your search filters by specific model, availability, store ratings, location and find your perfect drone right now. If you are waiting for the opportune moment to boost your own drone rental shop or you just want to offer your drone to rent, QuadRent is the best way to do it.

Rentio GmbH
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In detail
Pricey drones and how to try them
A lot of people would like to use a drone occasionally for various purposes, but they come at a premium price. So the main challenge was to design the app for users who want to rent a quadcopter on a short-term basis for a cheaper cost, without risks associated with buying, like being left with an old, clumsy or redundant quadcopter.
What we did?
Best practices implementation
While working on Quadrent design, we studied thoroughly the direct and indirect competitors in related industries such as taxis, electric scooter rentals, carsharing and others. Based on the data obtained during the study and analysis of the results, we have designed a simple and understandable design of an innovative digital product - Quadrent, which helps you choose the right device for yourself and rent it online.
How we did it?
Coherent and systematic rent procedure
We took care of two sides of the rental process in the app: Tenant Side and Lessor Side. We took into account everything for smooth order for tenants and efficient business management for owners - flexible settings for the store and wide product range, order management procedure, drone status control and stock levels track, schedule analysis system, as well as financial accounting system for business liquidity.
Working progress
Two user flows in balance
UX system
We’ve created all screens wireframes for more convenient user interaction with the website. The purpose of this stage was a thorough study of the UX for all possible user scenarios and further work on UI.

App functionality

The Tenant Side looks like a map, with marked places where you can rent a quadcopter. The app automatically gives you the route to the drone location. You can find the most suitable quadcopter by characteristics, hourly or daily price, store rating and book it online. After payment, you enter "Rental Mode" which allows you to check the rental time, geoposition of the drone, basic information about the model, battery, rental price, provider store and a training tutorial that will help you master the basic skills of controlling the drone.

The Lessor Side lets you change the information about the drone, check the rent statistics and analytics in the Store Dashboard section, like the most popular and the most profitable drones of your store. You see all your orders, control their status, check the geo-position of your drone on the map and client data. You can prematurely complete or even cancel the order if necessary.

Final product
QuadRent is a mobile app designed for enthusiasts who love quadcopters. So, you can easily check all drone rental shops on the map, or find the model you are interested in. The app shows all the necessary characteristics, and also provides the ability to order the relenvant device online for rent.
The most comprehensive drone rent platform
QuadRent is simply awesome to find drones for any taste and purpose, from impressive new camera drones to simple ones for beginners. By following simple step-by-step instructions, you can create your own store or rent a drone, trouble-free. Catch your own moment to remember with a cool drone from QuadRent.
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