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Your digital Smart Home map
The Neat app is designed and developed for private houses and hotels. Create your Smart home, share it and add stickers with instructions, notes, reminders in the format of text, audio and photo. Place your stickers in the right room and make your guest’s life easier.
Gunnar Tornes
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In detail
Where is the kitchen?
The design world is constantly changing. And sometimes, in pursuit of space organization or new techniques, it is difficult to find the basic elements in a room or house. Imagine yourself on a vacation in a fancy hotel trying to find a kitchen. How could you know that it’s hidden behind the door which looks like a wardrobe. Probably at that moment you would want some digital helper to find what you need without wasting time.
What we did?
Unique app concept
The Neat app will come to the rescue, as it has no analogues on the market so far. The app came out sufficiently simple, understandable and attractive, adapted to any user. It’s an online map of the house, a room or a hotel in your pocket where you can leave stickers and notes in your virtual home. You can share stickers with others in Neat, give other users access to the room, house or to a certain sticker.
How we did it?
Indirect competitors research
At the stage of competitor analysis, we did not find applications with a similar concept. However, despite its uniqueness, the application may have indirect competitors, such as Evernote, Notion, Airbnb, Smart Home Xiaomi. The UI was inspired by Airbnb, as our client really likes its style.
Working progress
Design process and functionality
UX/UI design stages

The customer came with a unique idea and a sketch of several screens. With the help of our thorough information architecture, we were able to determine all screen interactions and every possible user flow.

While creating high fidelity wireframes we worked separately on each flow. At the UI stage, the maximum efforts were spent on the main screen, the registration process and the screens for adding stickers to make user interactions with the application simple and understandable. There was a detailed study of each screen, possible additional screens, each user story, all statuses and clickability.

App functionality
First things first, you register and fill in personal information. Then you create your interactive home with its rooms, address, house name and photos. After creating a house / room, you can create stickers like notes, photo, text or audio and place them anywhere. You can share your home and/or stickers for a chosen period of time. With Premium you can add more new houses, rooms and share a home.
In detail
Prototyping and testing

At the testing stage, we created an interactive prototype with connected screens that allows our client to test the application, explore the functionality and evaluate the whole design before development.

During the testing stage, we analyzed the app functionality and user behavior. It helped us improve various user flows and make important changes into the app design to improve UX before development.

Manage your property and make your guest’s life easier

Neat is a new-wave app, an indispensable digital tool that will be widely used in the hospitality industry and also a good assistant for common note-taking users to manage their houses. A Smart home in your phone, where users can create stickers, notes, reminders, in different forms (text, audio, photo), placing them in the right room.

Neat is a unique app with catchy and user-friendly design that can be integrated with Airbnb in the future to enlarge and improve the user experience of sharing apartments.

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