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The first marketplace to help refugees
From finding clients and offering services to selling their own products, the HokoHoko Mobile App provides refugees a possibility to get back on their feet and to find a source of living.
Assembled Team
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In detail

The refugees are forced to flee their country, their home and they cannot return to their normal life due to different reasons. After arriving at a new place, they have to start all over. They need a tool to be able to sell their goods or services.

The challenge is to find the most powerful touch points for connecting people, helping them, allowing users to buy and sell stuff and services at the same time, organizing the entire process within one marketplace app.

What we did
Everyone can buy, but only refugees can sell.

To launch this powerful social strategy, it was important to segment the audience.

The user has to provide a document as a proof of their refugee status. After the verification of the documents the user’s goods or services become available. The problems of refugees are front-and-center in Hoko Hoko. It helps connect refugees with people who can help.

How we did it
Empathic UX
Our empathy for refugees goes a long way in providing genuine solutions for their needs. Since there is no app with the same idea of helping refugees get on with their life in a new and unfamiliar place, we took into account all possible problems refugees may have while interacting with the marketplace, such as language and cultural difference, ability to reed, delivery options, lack of money etc. It is important to set up the application for all people and teach them how to use it.
Working progress
UX that solves refugee issues
App functions and Safety

Hoko Hoko features a simple and engaging tutorial for users on how to use the marketplace.

There are no transactions in the app, so one of the most important tasks was to create a safe environment for all the participants of the process. There is a double verification of the order and feedback proof, so it stimulates the users to keep all orders within the app.

One of the coolest features is the exchange option, available only for refugees. If one user needs a service, but can’t pay for it, they can offer their own products and services in the amount comparable to the price of a needed service. The user can see other bids, this allows them to put a relevant bid themselves.

UI design system creation

As our client is a huge fan of Moana, we’ve decided to use red, mint and white colors. They make a clean UI and look great together. Calm mint and demanding red clearly delineate the two parts of the process.

Hoko Hoko means “Good deal” in Maui, which represents a bold new concept for the marketplace, where everybody wins.

Final Stage
At the final stage, we expanded the new brand vision into their mobile app and the landing page. We also provided the development team with transitions and animations for all major elements & flows.
Mobile app that helps refuges

Hoko Hoko perfectly bridges the gap between people who want to help and refugees who need a source of income.

The app was designed primarily for Android as most of the refugees only have Android.

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