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Meet TempConnect, a compelling app where you can find the most desirable job, easily pass the interview online and always stay in touch with the employer. TempConnect gives you only relevant job offers according to your skills, schedule, preferences and salary expectations.
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In detail
Job search troubles
Nowadays finding a well-paid job for students is a tough task, especially for people who come from other countries and experience difficulties. Spending a few hours getting to the right place, waiting for your turn to the interview, and returning home, you know what it’s like. Of course, everyone would like to find an easy-peasy yet non-boring job, preferably with big money. But in reality, if you don’t have some unicorn skills, extensive work experience and tons of regular customers, then you don’t have many options to choose from. So how to find this right balance?
What we did
Unique interviewing system
So, taking into account Labor market instability and job seekers' needs, we classified our target audience, according to which we designed the whole app functionality. We developed an online interviewing system built on a first-come, first-served basis. This system is what makes TempConnect an indispensable tool for job search.
How we did it
Mobile app design stages
Our Cre8 team went through the full cycle of designing a mobile app: from researching an idea, analyzing the market and competitors, building an application architecture, to a full-fledged clickable prototype and all the necessary documentation for developers.
Working progress
Information architecture and user interface
App structure and functionality
To sign up you need a work permit in the UAE. You can set up your preferences, so the app can suggest the most relevant job offers. In Job Feed you swipe right to apply for a job and swipe left to skip it. With Current Job section you can see the time and location tracker, time you worked, you earnings and/or the record of how much you sold. There are also sections: Training and quiz, Payments and wallets, Messages, Ratings and Reviews. All of them make the working process more convenient with TempConnect.

App design process
The client came to us with an existing app that needed a total functional redesign. During the UX research and wireframing stage we used information architecture to qualitatively work out each state and each screen, each user flow. At the final stage we made an interactive prototype with interconnected screens that allows our client to test the app, explore the functionality and evaluate the design as a whole before development.
Job search process upgrade
TempConnect is the fastest and most efficient way to get your perfect job. The app is also useful after you find your job, as it can be the main working tool with special widgets for tracking hours and work area on the map, as well as monitoring the sales records and goal achievements.
TempConnect creates the opportunities for you
With the TempConnect app you can find a job according to your preferences in terms of occupation, schedule and salary. The app helps students or newcomers with the employment process. The project came as a redesign, the main task was to update UX, make it convenient, simple and understandable for absolutely any user. With eye-catchy UI and unique new features, TempConnect stands out from competitors and increases user conversion.
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