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The BigDayMade app allows you to easily and naturally plan your wedding. You can get inspired by other users' wedding photos and tips, decide on a venue, hire a photographer, videographer, cook, florist and many other professionals involved in organizing this beautiful day. Cre8 helped design the BigDayMade app to make life easier for future newlyweds.
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In detail
Wedding of your dreams
The proposal has been made and now all you need to do is to plan the most significant and exciting day in your life. OMG, where to start? How not to go crazy? We needed to create a digital wedding planner tailored to user’s wishes and needs. The client came to us with an existing app that needed a total redesign and a functional update. Our main task was to create an app that would guide you through the wedding planning without stress and help arrange your dream wedding.
What we did?
Relax, everything is under control
The well-designed app and its user-friendly navigation makes it easier for people to plan their perfect wedding. We have significantly expanded the functionality of the app and made a simple, appealing and intuitive digital wedding planner, unique by its structure and adapted to any user. We changed the vision for the app completely, making it as flexible as possible.
How we did it?
Perfect app for perfect wedding
Why do we do it? Who is this app for? Cre8 asked these questions to make BigDayMade perfect for its users. With a significant amount of wedding apps, we wanted to stand out. We created an outstanding visual with simple interface. By making the app easy to navigate and interact with, the app can drive more customers.
Here magic happens
Information architecture
The app information architecture is clean and laid out in a concise manner. After thorough investigation we worked out each user flow story and the connection between all future screens. The information architecture is crucial when creating wireframes and designing in general. During the UI stage we created the BigDayMade app design system with all components, detailed study of each screen, possible additional screens, each user story, all statuses and clickability.

App structure

Working on the UX of BigDayMade, we completely immersed ourselves into the process of organizing a wedding. On the Home screen you can see Venues, Vendors, Weddings, Gallery and Feed, based on your location and preferences. By clicking on Venues you can look through the list of places sorted by relevance or you can switch to the map mode and see the nearest locations. Vendors are conveniently divided by categories and availability. You can find photographers and videographers, caterers and florists, decor and lighting, makeup artists and hair stylists, book dance lessons, transportation, everything you need.

Filter weddings, that have already been hosted by style, venue and season in the Weddings section and add them to your collections. On the bottom navigation you can click Plan to make Checklists and Collections. The app divides tasks into groups, calculates the time to complete them, and suggests when and in what order it is better to start organizing a celebration.

Your friends can help you chill out and save time if you share your collections. Let them do initial research of photographers, florists, find photo inspirations for your hairstyle, dress, deco, flowers etc. Then all you need to do is simply choose the best of the best.

Prototype testing
The testing was carried out in several stages. Having designed sections of the app, we implemented them one by one into a prototype and sent them for testing. The testing was carried out by using the UserBob app. After a series of testing, we found problems, compiled a list of improvements and implemented it into the design.
Start your own Happily ever after now
Cre8 helped BigDayMade add a human touch into the complex wedding planning process. Now the app appeals to the target audience of couples who want to get married without stressing all about it. BigDayMade provides all kind of specialists and services needed for this wonderful day to run smoothly.
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