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Boost your Personal Growth with Human Skills Masterclasses

With Humanava you can realize your own potential and help your business staff hone their essential soft skills.

Meet a whole community of like-minded people, motivated to enhance your personal skills, driven by the goal to bring benefit to your life or business.

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In detail
Engaging e-learning platform
Designing something new in a well known field is always challenging. A common problem with e-learning platforms is the lack of navigation logic that distracts users from the training process and makes them leave the app. Our goal was to make an outstanding product by organically connecting the Marketplace with LMS, enticing you with the user-friendly interface.
What we did?
Inspiring educational platform
Humanava is not just another e-learning project. We’ve made a convenient platform for you to reinforce your achievements. You can track progress in your personalized dashboard, take notes, join discussions and events, access extra resources, and do quizzes to solidify your knowledge.
How we did it?
Existing e-learning app improvement
Humanava manages to provide you with a simple learning process. Since there are tons of e-learning apps, we took into account all possible problems users may face when interacting with the platform, such as poor navigation, overloaded feed, unnecessary elements and faded interface.
Working progress
Meaningful learning process creation
Implementing new functionality

The best way to make an eye-catching product in a well-known field is to research your competitors. We applied our thorough analysis and rethought the whole app architecture by adding new functionality while keeping the corporate identity. We improved the test flow for users after each course and systematized it, elaborated user scenarios of creating an account and buying a course, added certificates options and much more.

Humanava monitors your learning progress, provides you with special tests and questionnaires. They allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your training and adjust it in time.

Everyone can find a suitable master class or training based on their interests and needs. You are free to choose the most favorable payment terms on this platform, buy a course for yourself or for your business team. At the end of the training or course you can pass a test and get a certificate.

You can also request your personal one-on-one online session with a coach and get the most personalized consultation.

Refreshed UI and interactive prototyping

We’ve refreshed the platform UI while keeping the existing corporate style. We made it up-to-date by designing new gradients, icons, round buttons, animation and created the mobile version of the platform.

To simplify the testing and implementation process we’ve made an interactive prototype with all user scenarios. It allows our client to see the design as a whole and explore its functionality before development.

Pave the way for your bright future

The importance of soft skills in any working environment is essential. You’ll be surprised that people with lack of soft skills can slow down the working process more often than people without hard skills or experience.

While redesigning Humanava we’ve decided to apply a more individual approach. This allowed us to achieve an intuitive UX. We’ve solved the most crucial task - to make users enter the platform and take lessons on a regular basis. Boosting your soft skills has never been so easy like with Humanava.

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