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Launch your own business from scratch with LaunchYou
LaunchYou is an intuitive educational platform that lets people build their own business from scratch. You can find useful masterclasses, courses from famous businessmen, meet professional mentors who can guide you step by step and structure your approach to open your own business, without playing a guessing game.
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In detail
Where to start? Easy question, overwhelming answers.

Imagine that you have a winning idea and you are ready to turn it into a success using all your skills and passion. What would you need? How would you get your new business off the ground? How much time and effort would it cost?

All these questions are overwhelming, especially if this is your first business. You are not alone. Probably you would prefer to use one platform with everything you need instead of googling all over.

What we did?
Everything's better with empathy
Being small business entrepreneurs ourselves we used all our empathy to find a perfect solution. Our client came to us with an existing educational website. We enlarged the simple website into a full-fledged educational platform to meet the expectations of the potential users. LaunchYou became an indispensable tool for business newbies.
How we did it?
Accelerate. Collaborate. Incubate.
After analyzing the existing website, user behavior data and competitors we’ve created user personas to segment the ideal target audience. Based on that we came to the conclusion that the current functionality is insufficient to cover all user’s needs in order to create the new business. So we’ve increased the platform, categorized user’s demands and added three brand new platform sections: Accelerate, Collaborate, Incubate. Depending on their goals, users can navigate through these sections consistently, passing them in the right order or choose one to explore.
Working progress
Platform to make your dream business
Meet the LaunchYou products

While working on UX we came up with three new modes in addition to the existing LaunchPad product, which we fully modified.

LaunchPad is an 8 week intensive program of masterclasses with your personal coach and support system for rapid business growth and setting up a marketing system.

Accelerate is a 12 months program of workshops, curriculums and lectures from world class businessmen, where you can choose your topics and use all benefits of the support system to create your dream business masterplan.

Collaborate is an exclusive program where you can find like-minded businessmen and collaborate together.

Incubate is your brand incubator. You have real communication with the design team who builds your brand from scratch by making a logo, brand book, website and all you need for your business.

If you want more

All of these products have two modes. The basic mode with its different masterclasses and curriculums covers pretty much everything you need. The Pro mode has additional material and functions, based on your special requests. It's better to follow the structure of the platform, however you can choose only one mode based on your needs.

Each product has its own dashboard, masterclasses and different challenges.

The user sees the page with available courses, certificates, list of courses, training hub, masterclasses search base, curriculums, group coaching, Q&A sessions.

Incredible tool for a new promising businessman
We worked constantly with the LaunchYou team to rethink their app, add new functionality and create a coherent design. We've managed to create a user-friendly educational platform with fully-functional dashboards and landing pages for each product. LaunchYou resonates with the target audience, giving them an instrument to truly launch their business.
LaunchYou helps you start your own business
In order to create a successful business you have to start from the ground. If you are very eager to do everything right and minimize the risks of being shut down from the start, it takes time to make a solid foundation. LaunchYou guides you step by step in this thorny path of getting an independent entrepreneur.
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