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Compelling Mining Investment

Usually, when choosing the best investing app, you need to think about your investment style, comparing pros and cons of different apps and endlessly researching.

With Eckard you can apply any strategy you want. Prefer a more active approach to investing? Looking for an autopilot investment tool? Are you an experienced investor? Or is this your first step into the investment world? Eckard will be there for you.

Eckard Enterprise
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  • UX Wireframing
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In detail
Investment data optimization
The main task was to create a universal investing app for one of the most profitable types of investment: mining. Our challenge was not to confuse the user. UI should not be overloaded so that the user would not experience discomfort during long-term work with the services, due to the large amount of data.
What we did
User flow elaboration
We’ve dug into the investment world in detail in order to qualitatively determine the expectations and needs of potential users. When designing the design for the Eckard app, we worked out each user flow, screens, data display for both mobile and web app versions.
How we did it
Simplifying complex data

With Eckard investors can build a strong portfolio in the energy industry investment. All information is presented in an accessible and understandable form - cards, tables and graphs will help you choose and buy the most suitable assets for you.

You can stay updated by receiving your oil and gas mineral reports. Observe oil and gas mineral investments and access to projects. Be the first to know about new releases, mineral projects and more. Never miss a beat.

Working progress
Wireframes and Functionality
Mobile app

We came up with to types of users: accredited investor and non-accredited beginner. For accredited inverters, Eckard gives access to more materials, data and functions. There are 2 options to become an accredited investor: by invitation, or by full registration and user verification.

In the Home section you see the feed where you can read various articles, listen to podcasts, webinars, etc. The Assets section shows you a map of mines where you see statistics on the extraction of oil, gas and minerals, the organization information. The Learn section contains educational articles, webinars, podcasts, videos etc. The Account section contains basic user information and settings.

Web app and Admin panel

The admin section allows managers to fill the app with educational materials, configure app content access as well as monitor users and manage data.

This part of the app is focused on the investment data about investors who have invested in mining. One of the most important tabs for the admin is Minerals. The admin has access to project data. The project is active if the user-investor has purchased the required amount of NMA (mineral acres). This section contains detailed information about projects, mines and resources, their extraction and possible profitability, all structured in tables.

UI design, prototyping and testing

We’ve designed a classy, pleasant, serious, not playful UI that fits the theme of “investing”.

At the final stage we’ve created an interactive design with interconnected screens to test the application, explore the functionality and evaluate the design as a whole before the first line of code is written by the development team.

Turn your investment strategy into a powerful portfolio with Eckard

Investing is the most reasonable way to ensure your material well-being in the future. Eckard takes the hassle out of your investment strategy, helps you define your risk appetite and turn it into a diversified portfolio.

Eckard contains a large amount of data, graphs, tables, which we have converted into a convenient and effective design for web and mobile versions.The main task was to transform a large amount of information and data into an understandable investing app.

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