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FireFalcon is a mobile application that collects the best discount offers on a wide variety of topics: Lego sets, appliances, and much more. See how we’ve managed to brisk up the app, completely reshape UX and create a buzz around FireFalcon.
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In detail
App full renovation
The challenge was to turn an outdated application, obsolete and uncomfortable UX into a new design, which is meant to appeal to an audience of all ages, from schoolchildren who decide to buy a Lego set, to adults who want to get the best price on kitchen appliances.
What we did?
Contemporary UX Solutions
While working on FireFalcon we streamlined the app UI, improved the structure and made it user-friendly. We came up with a fresh and modern design, added elements of gamification and excitement, while maintaining familiar marketplace usage patterns for users in order to involve users in spending more time in the application.
How we did it?
Gamification and engaging community

We conducted a thorough competitors analysis, compared different apps, learned their pros and cons in order to create the app that fully corresponds to user needs.

We created a convenient UX with thoughtful functionality and app structure, modern and fresh UI. The cherry on top is that there is a high user involvement due to the engaging community, which leads to increased conversion.

Working progress
Effective interaction design
App design phases
We started with competitors analysis, segmented the target audience, worked through UX wireframes updates, revived UI and created a clickable prototype for testing in order to guide our client smoothly through the entire design process.

Robust functionality

FireFalcon has 5 main navigation sections:

FireFalcon Deals with appliances discounts, vouchers, promotional codes and "bundles", always updated by admins;

Lego Deals with discounts, vouchers, and promotional codes, made by admins;

Community Deals, where anyone can share discounts, vouchers and promo codes;

Calculator, where you can count your discount profit;

Profile section with high level of gamification, where you can find basic user information, statistics and leaderboards with earned badges.

Modern user-friendly marketplace
As a result, our client got a renewed information architecture, fully updated UX design and refreshed UI for the app that meets all initial goals and objectives. With the renewed design and direct-to-consumer approach Knallerfalke can easily hit the market.
App redesign that boosts conversion

FireFalcon is the app that brings together all the tools you need to find and buy stuff at the best price ever. Empowering buyers is the most important concept of FireFalcon.

We’ve implemented the solutions that brought the best discounts and deals to the buyers in a playful way, so everything is tailored to significantly boost conversion and keep people use FireFalcon more often.

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