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Get access to a huge Lego database with Bricksecret

Find exactly the set you want and buy it at the best price possible. Sell it in a suitable store or site and get profit.

Lego is a unique invention of mankind. If you are a Lego dedicated fan and collector, Bricksecret will help you find exactly the set you want and buy it at the best price possible in one click. Bricksecret monitors and analyzes Lego sets cost data, helping you keep track of the juiciest offers.

LSMF Gmbh.
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In detail
Find your dream Lego set
The main task was to create a universal app with a huge Lego Database, Hot Deals from different stores to pick the best and Portfolio Price Statistics functionality, and combine all these features in a simple, appealing and effective design.
What we did
Information Architecture and User Scenarios
Our client came with a vague idea, so we began to develop it further, using information architecture to carry out each user flow with 6 comprehensive scenarios of user behavior. The IA is crucial to predict the user's behavior, his actions, work out and fix all possible problems.
How we did it
Competitors analysis

The global market overview showed two competitors. One is a simple Lego instructions app from the Lego company, more focused on finding different Lego sets with detailed assembly instructions.

Another competitor is the Brickmerge site with a confusing structure, obsolete design and without any mobile version.

Working progress
App sections UX
UX study
We started our work with thorough UX study for further work on the UI part. While designing wireframes, we came up with registration screens, user interactions and three main app sections.

Hot deals, Lego Database and Portfolio

Hot deals is one of a kind, formed personally by the Bricksecret team. Just turn on update notifications and find promotional offers at a very favorable price, offers that will soon go out of sale, rare offers, and others. The “Almost EOL” status shows rare sets that will soon go out of sale. Check price statistics for a specific set and see the highest and market value. Online voting helps select the next interesting sets for the user. You can go to the page of the store, which currently has the best price for the set.

You can easily find sets by id, category, year of release, number of parts etc. The Database has an extensive list of online stores where you can buy the desired set at the best price.

Add your favorite sets to your Portfolio, enter the number of boxes, cost, date of purchase. Your portfolio has two sections: Statistics and Sets. In Statistics there are graphs with the information about the set market value (if you want to sell it), and the purchase price with the profit percentage. You can see the most favorable moment to sell your set. You can check how much was invested in sets, the cost of transactions, the number of categories, sets and the history of purchase and sale with basic information about the set.

In detail
Interactive prototype design

To simplify the perception of our design by our client, we’ve made an interactive design layout of the Bricksecret app. The prototype allows the client to test the app, explore the functionality and evaluate the design as a whole before the first line of code is written by the development team.

We correctly placed the right accents and distributed all the information into the relevant sections. The UX is made to guide the user to any information or action they need and not to overload them at the same time.

Thus, having worked through all the stages and all the components of the app screens, we got a ready-made clickable prototype of Bricksecret.

Find best deals, buy and sell Lego with Bricksecret
Lego has completely conquered the hearts of millions of children and adults. No wonder that our love for Lego and the ambitious idea of combining all the necessary functions in one app for Lego fans led us to an intuitive and successful UI and UX. You will not have any difficulties while using Bricksecret and you will want to keep using the app because there is everything you need to find your dream Lego sets.
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