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Parenting assistant in your pocket
Fairshare app design has been part of a niche in our agency’s focus 
on digital assistant app design. Fairshare's mission is to help parents 
and children interact through the app by helping parents develop their child's sense of responsibility, discipline, diligence and skills to use modern technologies properly. Fairshare has been designed specifically for parents and children ages 4-10.
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In detail
Digital parent - child interaction

Every parent would love to have access to a modern parenting assistant which helps them raise children. Nowadays children start using gadgets very early. So moms and dads can use gadgets to their benefit while parenting. The parents would like to build an honest relationship with their kids and to control the time that kids spend on their phones without violation of personal space.

The challenge was to design an intuitive and attractive interface adapted for both child and parent at the same time.

What we did
Parent and child layouts balance

To simplify the use, the app starts with a Tutorial screen, where the user can find all the necessary information and answers to frequently asked questions. The sign up process is quite simple and understandable to any user. The first step is to choose a parent profile registration. The system automatically determines whether the user is already registered or not, and offers to sign in or sign up. Then the parent can register their child.

Fairshare can block apps on a child's phone. To activate this function, the parent needs to set up both phones . This process may seem complicated and confusing, so step-by-step instructions have been developed to solve this issue. The detailed description of each stage helps the user easily adjust the app for themselves.

How we did it
Two UX approaches in one app

We created the wireframes of the parent and child profiles separately. The parent profile is a screen where the assigned task for the child is displayed with a status (active, overdue, declined, upcoming, pending approval). The child has a screen with assigned tasks and a detailed description of them.

We kept the design process simple through regular testing and design improvements delivering frequent updates in short cycles. The client could see the progress and change requirements immediately, without lagging the process.

Working progress
User Interface solution
UI design system creation

It was important to choose the right color palette, fonts and components, which are attractive for children and parents at the same time. We were able to present several design concepts to choose elements for a final design decision.

We decided to use a combination of deep purple and pink colors as a balance between strict and childish styles. This combination is attractive for both girls and boys. We studied each screen in detail and considered all possible additional screens, each user story, all statuses and clickability.

Prototyping, testing
At the final stage, we created an interactive design layout of Fairshare for testing. The prototype connects all screens, so it allows you to test the application, explore the functionality and evaluate the design as a whole before starting time-consuming and complex development.
Launching the parenting assistant
The task was to design a simple and intuitive parenting assistant app. Fairshare helps parents interact with their children and at the same time allows them to control the time children spend with their phones in a playful way without crossing their personal boundaries.
Proper gadget use and child’s personal boundaries
Cre8 team has designed an interface, which is kind and colorful for the child, and convenient for the parent to control proper gadget use in this age without violation of personal space.
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