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StreamBetX is a sport streaming and betting app where you can watch streams, communicate and make your own forecast for a sporting event. The app is recognized as an innovator in the betting industry, so the amalgamation of video streaming, news feed, analytics and betting is advantageous for demanding users and works excellently to their benefit.
StreamBetX Ltd.
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In detail
Robust interaction matters
The client came to us with an existing app that needed a major redesign and a functional update. The main task was to design a simple, attractive and intuitive design, relatable to its target audience. The main challenge was to organize user interaction and place all the necessary functions in a way, so nothing unimportant should disturb the user from making a bet.
What we did?
Betting app purpose refocusing
The decision to shift focus of the app to the streaming side has made StreamBetX unique in the world of sport betting apps, as live sports streamers play a major role. We came up with solutions on how to organize uncluttered elements on the screen for the user to accomplish the things they want to do in the app with minimal effort. All swipes, taps and gestures are well thought through for an optimal experience.
How we did it?
Incorporating streaming feature
During a series of research and competitor analysis, we found several apps with separate similar features, and patterns as in StreamBetX, such as Twitch (broadcasting app); YouTube; TikTok; Clubhouse (social network based on voice communication). We studied the UX patterns of these apps and found a solution that can seamlessly implement the streaming function into the app. 
Working progress
Touch experience centered app
Stringent design integrity
While creating the high fidelity wireframes we have developed designs and worked on each flow separately for all main functionality to make user interactions with the application simple and understandable. The proper UX stage is quite essential for further work on the UI part. All flows and user stories are straightforward with the screens placed in proper context, and elements of the screen are balanced. At each stage of the UI stage, there was a detailed study of each screen, possible additional screens, each user story, all statuses and clickability. Our Brand Guideline for developers is crucial to implement all functionality, so StreamBetX can be navigated by any user without a problem.

App functionality
The app allows you to check a list of upcoming or running streams, choose a sport you like, become a DJ and stream or connect to any stream. During the stream, you can chat with other participants, place bets, and view statistics. In the Search / Explore section you can follow popular DJs, your favorite sport and check the schedule of upcoming matches. On the Balance Screen you can track your balance, withdraw money or replenish your account. While streaming you can capture the most memorable moments and turn them into NFT audio that can be played again. The users can view and purchase the NFT.
Use of responsive prototyping
At the final stage a design layout with maximum interactivity was assembled for testing. It’s an important cost-saving solution, which allows the client to test the app, explore the functionality and evaluate the design as a whole before the first line of code is written by the development team.
Seamlessly comprising streaming and betting
StreamBetX is a visually appealing sports betting app, which introduces a brand new experience to demanding users. StreamBetX fulfills a user’s need of having an instrument of high quality, where you can not only attend the stream, and place bets, but even create voice NFTs. This is an original solution for betting apps, as the betting decision is based on the stream, statistics, and chat.
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