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Want to be updated about all sports news? Scorer is just the app for you! We are excited to present our mobile multi-sport app where you can also watch all important matches, keep all social posts and stories in one place or easily find amazing merch of your favorite team in the Fan Store.
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In detail
Usability & aesthetics
Are you a soccer fan? Have you ever spent sleepless nights watching FIFA or European Championship, skipping your college the next day? Sure, nowadays, with our busy schedule it’s impossible to watch those matches on TV anytime we want. The challenge is to find that right mixture of matches streaming, background reports, smart analysis, and relevant news on your favorite sport. All those things that you have to find in different apps should be united in one app.
What we did
Scrolling tons of apps? No, thanks
We have managed to make Scorer a unique app that combines all of the information you had to collect in different apps before. Our Scorer app is neat and perfectly structured, without being dull. It includes a feed with recent events, as well as tracks, grabs and shows different posts, stories, videos, statistics, matches, etc. The cherry on top is that your favorite team’s merch is just one click away from you!
How we did it
App Architecture is the Key
We’ve collected the information about fans who use sports news apps. Based on their experience, problems they struggle with while using these apps, we've created a high - fidelity detailed App Architecture that helped us figure out the list of screens based on the functionality and needed flows. The Scorer navigation is particularly pleasant and clearly structured. We have raised sport news to a brand new outstanding experience.
Working progress
Interaction design
Competitors research and app improvements
By doing research on Scorer's competitors, we were able to confirm that integration with a merchandising retailer would be a unique offering. There are no apps with this feature. On the Feed page you can also enjoy the most relevant news from the world of sports here and top match results. The most discussed and popular news are presented in a special fixed section. You can express your opinion in the comments and become part of the sports community.

Make your Feed Hot
The app tracks the activity of the most popular social accounts and carefully collects all posts, videos and tweets in the Hot section. Stories and TikToks from verified accounts, video and highlits of the most popular sport events, the most relevant content is in your app. Make your upp personal and adjust your feed as you like.
Get your kicks!
Heading to the top of Spots apps we made a unique combination of news, stories, social media content and merch, all in one, all in Scorer. Finally, you don’t have to download tons of apps to get what you want. One app to rule them all, one app to find them, one app to bring them all, and in your pocket bind them.
True fan can find everything in Scorer
Scorer is everything you need to be updated on sports news and enjoy your favorite merch. The first-class app is designed for you to receive reports and statistics on games, highlights of the matches and much more.
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