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Social friend-advisor Inner
Share your emotions safely with people who care. Inner app helps keep up mental health and makes the process of adaptation in public easier. The multifunctional app for maintaining mental health and helping its users adapt to society, protecting them from the negative influence of social networks.
SuPo Ukraine
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In detail
Mental health and cyberbullying
Nowadays social problems have a huge impact on young minds. One of such issues is bullying or rather cyberbullying. All the troubles of the real world and social environment have switched into the virtual world. Social networks can be destructive for sensitive people. They are dreaded to even think about finding touch points with other people.
What we did
Competitor analysis
The main task in the initial stages was to combine the different functionalities into one application while exploring a simple, attractive, and efficient design. The research of competitors and the analysis of the received information did not reveal apps with the same concept. However, despite its uniqueness, our app may have competitors if we compare each function of the app separately.
How we did it
Functionality uniqueness
To make the UX easier and more natural, we carefully designed the wireframes of “Thinking about you”, “Emotions log”, and “My intentions”, the registration and the users' interaction separately. Then, we made a clear and interactive menu with a consistent structure to connect all these functions for the users to quickly and intuitively find what they need.
Working progress
Three unique sections
The “Matching” section allows users to find out if someone is thinking about them. To activate it the user chooses a contact they feel a special emotion about. Then the system processes a request and waits for feedback. If matching happens within 6 minutes (the other user sends a response), the access to the chat opens up and the users keep on talking. There are some ice breaker games to try to get closer and make friends. The game consists of several questions on different topics. It helps shy people pick a topic for conversation.

Emotion log and Intention
The section “Emotion log” is a user's diary where it’s possible to make any kind of notes. The user can see who feels the same emotions as they do within a short distance. It makes users feel they are not alone. All the information in the “Emotion Log” section is protected and confidential. “Intention” function lets the user set any event, join some party or create one. This function is available only if you give your location access.
Color coding and psychology

As the target audience of this app is very delicate, we challenged ourselves to turn the idea of “putting users first” into calming visuals, as well as to add warmth and comfort into the color palette and design.

To accomplish this, we make the right selection of color, font, and other components.

The color palette of the “Matching” section is orange-yellow. It is bright and positive, symbolizing the process of searching for matches. For the result of matches and further connection between users we chose neutral calming green color.

Blue is the main color of the “Emotion Log” section, which lets a user come round and relieve tension.

While working on “Intention” we focused on pink color. From a psychological point of view, pink has a positive effect on the state of the human nervous system. Color helps relieve tension, cheer up and raise attention, thereby helping users relax, be positive and not experience negative emotions.

Redesign with dozens of new features
These different functions united in Inner have the same goal - to help sensitive people adapt in the society in a friendly way without any traumatic experience. The users feel safe and protected while interacting with other people in Inner.
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